Friday, December 30, 2011

You can own this! - "mean helmeted fellow" "great menacing logo"

This item is not really that spectacular but I gotta love the creativity behind this ebayer PuckHound's listings. If you check out his listings he often describes the logos found on the pucks.

Honestly since the logo was unveiled in June 2010 that's the most poetic ways to describe our logo.
"Mean Helmeted Fellow"
"Great Menacing logo "

Don't get me wrong hockey pucks are very collectable but I don't see any point in describing the logos. I do appreciate the logo being called "Menacing" instead of my the usual question by senior citizens in Greer thinking it's an American legion baseball team (long story short that's happen more than once)

I wish I had something more interesting then just this but for next season I think every one tell Neil Smith we want to see this...


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