Monday, November 28, 2011

You Can Own This! -Former Greenville Road Warrior Backup Game Worn Jersey

I actually stole the premise of this idea from a website I use to visit while back. Basically in this segment I'll show some somewhat obscure/ off beat memorabilia you can bid on that is in some way connected to the Greenville Road Warriors. On our first segment we have this gem

You can bid on this 2001-2002 WHL Vancouver Giants Game Worn Jersey of Greenville Road Warriors nice guy and backup goalie Jordan McLaughlin. Jordan was here for a while as a back up while before we got Beckford-Tseu he didn't see any action and spent most of the season in the SPHL. To my knowledge he is not on any team at the moment. He was a super nice guy I was able to annoy talk to him at a booster club function। If you're a fan here is your chance to own his jersey! Right now in United States currency it's at 193।42 with 25 hours to go। This jersey was from the first year of the Vancouver Giants hockey club. I wouldn't be surprised to see this jersey break $200 because of the style and since it was from the inaugural year of that team. Hopefully next edition of this we'll have something a little more bizarre until then tootles!

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